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EU Dairy Products from NI

  • Quality

    Milk used for EU dairy products is of the highest standard …

  • Animal Welfare

    Dairy Farmers ensure their cows maintain good health, happiness & well being …

  • Animal Feed

    Our lush pastures provide the perfect diet for our dairy cows…

  • Traceability within the dairy supply chain

    All milk products are fully traceable from the supply chain to individual farms and through to the final customer.

  • Environment

    A leading edge research programme aims to reduce the environmental impact of milk production in the United Kingdom.

  • Sustainability of supply

    Our dairy farms are family owned, passing from one generation to the next.

  • Nutrition

    Milk from our grass–fed cows is naturally richer and can have advantages in the nutritional quality of the milk.

  • References

    Milk production in Northern Ireland is primarily grass–based and this can have advantages for the nutritional quality of the milk.


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